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Over the years different equipment and training methods have been in and out of boxing gyms as the sport has evolved. Conditioning methods have changed with new fitness items popping up all the time. However there was one device that remained ever present. A vital piece of gym or home workout equipment that has stood the test of time: the skipping rope.

From legends of the sport to today's champions, the jump rope continues to be a favorite of not just boxers but all athletes. The jump rope is one of the best conditioning tools out there. It is effective, portable and versatile. Depending on the intensity, you can burn around 10-20 calories per minute.

It is especially good for boxing where conditioning, coordination and footwork are of paramount importance. All of these benefits are the reasons why jumping rope should be in any workout routine for aspiring champions.

Choosing a skipping rope:

Fast Jump Rope As the name indicates, this rope allows you to jump at a faster pace and is easier to use when performing close jumps such as double unders.

The weighted jump rope is mostly used for intervals, but its real benefit in using it is in conditioning your shoulders and arms.

* TRJ offers one weighted rope: Jump Ropes

The Jump Rope Workout:

It's a hybrid workout because it mixes aerobic and anaerobic conditioning, just like the cardiovascular demands of a fight. This workout is designed so that people of all fitness levels can benefit and progress.

All levels listed below include a warm-up where you jump rope at a moderate pace for five minutes. Beginners might start with 3 round intervals, the same amount of rounds boxers fight at the beginning of their career. The next progression, 8-round amateur level. And finally, Pro level you will do 12 rounds, like a pro fight.

TRJ Fight skipping rope

(All levels) Warm up - 5 min

(Beginner Level) Rounds 1-5

Skipping rope (max speed) - 15 sec

Boxing with shadow  - 15 sec

Rest - 30 sec

(Amateur Level) Rounds 5-8

Skipping rope (max speed) - 15 sec

Shadow Box - 15 sec

Rest - 30 sec

(Pro Level) Rounds 9-12

Skipping rope (max speed) - 15 sec

Shadow Box - 15 sec

Rest - 30 sec

(All levels) Cool down - 5 min

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